National Marriage Week USA
Feb. 7-14, 2023
In honor of National Marriage Week USA (, I am providing a Premiere video series from Feb. 7-14, 2023 for
married couples who want fulfilling, lifelong marriage, and family relationships free from pornography. The purpose is to share short videos that can help you reach those goals.
Tune in each night at 7pm EST to my YouTube Channel for a different 15-minute (or less) video each day. Videos will “Premiere” and I will be available in the chat room for discussion.
2/7: How to Talk with a Spouse After Discovering Pornography Use
2/8: Three Top Secrets in Raising a Porn Free Child
2/9: Listen, Don’t Lecture: How to Get Your Spouse & Children to Open Up More
2/10: How to Deepen Your Friendship with Your Spouse
2/11: 25+ Years: The 3 Biggest Challenges and What to Do to Create a Thriving (Not Surviving) Relationship
2/12: How to Prevent Against Estrangement in Your Marriage
2/13: The Golden Years of Marriage: Getting Ready to Retire
2/14 – No Video. Happy Valentine’s Day! Celebrate your marriage by having a date night at home or out.
Author of “Porn Free: How to Decrease the Demand for Pornography” I am an advocate for lifelong happy marriage. My husband Bob and I have been married since 1985, and have six children and two grandchildren. I am the former host of “Your Marriage Matters” Podcast. You can check out the episodes here
Lynn Griesemer 
YouTube Channel: Lynn Griesemer