Public Speaking

Finally! Public speaking programs for students that get results. If you want your child to build a solid foundation in public speaking, take one of the courses listed below.

I’ve always believed that strong writing and speaking skills are as essential to life as food and water! Let me explain.

I was a shy, quiet child with passion and ambition. Few people knew this because I didn’t express myself. Growing up in a small town, I felt unnoticed and unheard. There was a disconnect between knowing I had leadership skills and not sharing them. Imagine being a middle school or high school student experiencing this predicament.

I knew I had to overcome my lack of confidence and awkwardness, but how? I tried different sports, clubs, and activities, but I was timid in speaking up. Most of my classes required few presentations, and I don’t remember any instruction in public speaking. Our small town had no high school debate team, theatre, or drama club.

As the years passed, I volunteered and served in leadership roles in the community. I joined Toastmasters International in 2001 with the intention of becoming a more advanced speaker. Within five years of membership, I achieved the highest level, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

Toastmasters International offered a Youth Leadership Program (YLP) for high school students. After teaching a few YLP classes, I noticed the emphasis was on leadership rather than giving speeches.

I designed my own courses, beginning in 2004. The first program, Speak Up! A Public Speaking Program for Young Adults (Beginners), was for high school students. I had intentions of creating an intermediate and advanced course, but there was a need in the homeschool community for a course for middle school students. My focus shifted and I created Speaking Made Easy: A Public Speaking Program for Middle School Students, which became a popular six-week program. 

When I was asked to present a semester or 17-week program for middle school students at a homeschool co-op, I created a course called Public Speaking & Interpersonal Communication.

We moved to another state in 2015 and I turned my focus to other endeavors, knowing there’s still a big need for public speaking instruction for 10-18-year-olds. I’m now excited to offer my public speaking programs so that others can serve as instructors. Teacher’s Guide to Speaking Made Easy, Public Speaking & Interpersonal Communication, and Speak Up! is an important resource for anyone who’d like to present any of the programs.

I served as primary instructor to hundreds of students in Northern Virginia from 2004-2015. Many former students have gone on to prestigious universities and careers. One former student presented a TEDx talk as a freshman at Stanford at age 14, graduated from Stanford University at the age of 18, and is making great contributions in her field. Others have made notable contributions in their professions. It’s no secret that superior public speaking skills are instrumental in building a successful life.


    Speaking Made Easy: A Public Speaking Program for Middle School Students is the workbook for a 6-session course designed for children between the ages of ten and 13. Students will receive instruction on the mechanics of public speaking, organizing speeches, and how to become a confident speaker. They will be required to present a book report, expository speech, persuasive speech, and joke. They will have the opportunity to practice impromptu speaking. This student manual includes everything the student needs. Recommended book for instructor: Teacher’s Guide to Speaking Made Easy, Public Speaking & Interpersonal Communication, and Speak Up!

    Public Speaking & Interpersonal Communication is a workbook for students participating in a 17-week program designed for a class of 10-20 middle school or high school students. Each class is approximately one hour and incorporates the instruction and speeches in Speaking Made Easy: A Public Speaking Program for Middle School Students (book report, expository speech, persuasive speech, joke, impromptu speaking). In addition, students will be required to present a “how to” demonstration. All the instructions are included in this workbook. The instructor is encouraged to purchase Teacher’s Guide to Speaking Made Easy, Public Speaking & Interpersonal Communication, and Speak Up! and has the freedom to incorporate various games and exercises with the goal of practicing interpersonal communication and team building.

    Speak Up! A Public Speaking Program for Young Adults (Beginners) is a workbook for students which provides instruction, experience giving prepared speeches, evaluations, impromptu practice, and small group activities. The seven-week course begins with students forming groups of two and interviewing each other for 2-3 minutes, taking notes on index cards, and introducing their partner. Topics include overcoming fear, how to write and organize a speech, presentation of two prepared speeches, what to do if your mind goes blank, delivery techniques, how to give a speech with few or no notes, how to evaluate speeches, impromptu speaking practice, secrets of successful speakers, and much more.

   Teacher’s Guide to Speaking Made Easy, Public Speaking & Interpersonal Communication, and Speak Up!  The Teacher’s Guide is designed to help instructors present successful programs. Tips, hints, formats, and lesson plans are provided for (1) Speaking Made Easy: A Public Speaking Program for Middle School Students, (2) Public Speaking & Interpersonal Communication, and (3) Speak Up! A Public Speaking Program for Young Adults (Beginners). The Teacher’s Guide is highly recommended for instructors.

Competent teachers and a reputable program combined with consistent practice in a supportive environment are the essential elements for excellence.  


Thanks for your willingness to discuss my son’s experience of your class. You’ve been open and receptive, and I appreciate it very much. I know he’ll look back and be grateful for it! I want to compliment you for walking the fine line with being organized, even when parents aren’t. I appreciate your understanding and reminders to do our part. I’m not naturally organized, so it has been helpful to me to have the structure provided so well by you. -Katie, parent

What a thoughtful and thorough evaluation, not to mention ego-boosting, for my son!  He also readily acknowledged that he needs to think more about his audience’s perspective and readiness for information. -Linda, parent

My daughter attended the course and we found Mrs. Griesemer to be knowledgeable, well organized, and closely attentive to each student’s needs. Our daughter learned important life skills in a fun and warm atmosphere. We’re truly grateful for the excellent training. –Mamtha, parent

This was my first public speaking class. Today I’m a National Forensics League (NFL) State Finalist, and a National Qualifier for the National Catholic Forensics League (NCFL). I sincerely thank Mrs. Griesemer for launching me on my public speaking path! -Tara, student

After only eight weeks of the class, I had given four speeches and felt confident about speaking in public! -Zach, student

Before attending the class, my daughter was very uncomfortable speaking in front of an audience. With the training she received, she now has much more confidence in herself and can present herself in a professional manner to any audience. The goals Lynn set for the students were very clear. This enabled the student to focus and learn each technique and apply it to the presentation of their material. -Maria, parent

My daughter was challenged to keep her speeches innovative. This helped her engage with her projects on a creative, as well as an intellectual level. The desire to think outside the ordinary inspired the whole endeavor with a freshness and enjoyment that is often lacking in her regular academic life. She gained time management and valuable study skills by preparing her speeches. Planning a well-structured speech taught her how to organize and improve her thinking. The course helped her gain confidence and poise in public. -Robin, parent

Lynn is very passionate about helping today’s youth improve their communication skills. Her Speak Up! program is excellent and will benefit anyone who participates, both the young and the no so young! -Kevin, award winning speaker and author

Lynn speaks from the heart and from experience. She brings her warmth, skill, knowledge, and enthusiasm to every presentation. -Judy, author