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How to Stop the Infiltration of Pornography into our Families

Lynn M. Griesemer, author of Porn Free: How to Decrease the Demand for Pornography will list 10 ways to decrease the demand for porn, with specific emphasis on the 3 most important things we can do in our families, starting today. 60 minutes, includes Q & A.

Pornography: Why Should We Care?

Although millions of Americans regularly view or struggle with pornography, many of us don’t seem to be affected by pornography in our day to day lives. Why should we care if it doesn’t affect us? In this talk, Lynn will show you why pornography is all around us and how we are subtly, or not so subtly impacted.  15 or 30 minutes.

Biological Design™

One of the most compelling arguments for zero tolerance for pornography usage is found in the concept of “Biological Design.” Lynn will explain the Biological Design and how it provides the foundation of human sexuality. Perfect talk for Catholic and Christian groups, or anyone who agrees with the basics of biology. 45 or 60 minutes, includes Q & A.

And more topics designed for your group.

Tampa Bay and Florida locations.  Also available for travel, video conferences, and interviews.  Email to schedule:

   In addition to publishing Porn Free: How to Decrease the Demand for Pornography, Lynn is involved in Tampa Bay’s advocacy to eliminate sex-trafficking. “Pornography is at the root of so much evil and dysfunction in our society.”